Salman Rushdie and the freedom...

Watching a documentary on this incredible affair that arose after the publication of Satanic Verses brought up couple of rather distressing dilemmas.

Should we allow a book like this ever see the light? Or should we rather be more 'careful' and 'respectful'?
Should we allow Geert Wilders enter the United Kingdom knowing that he would definitely stir up a lot of public distress? Or shall we put 'the public safety and security' above the freedom of expressing opinion?
And finally, should we follow a religion whose clerics and followers by their own actions deny all the main planks of the faith? Well unfortunately, all of the religions would fail that test.

It certainly would be much easier if things were clearer for us. But life isn't a crystal ball that has no grey areas or little cracks.

© 2010 Matthew Machowski 

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